This year will be the 6th anniversary of the Nerd Sanctuary’s Thanksgiving in the shop.

Since Asheville is supported by so many delightful folks in the service industry who frequently don’t have enough of a break between their shifts to leave town to see their families, many locals have family that is just too far away or some consider their friends their family…

We created a Nerd-tastic event where we can all bring a covered dish and be surrounded by great stories and art over dinner. We’ll usually play board games, Pokemon, create artwork, sing karaoke or do trivia together for an hour our meal.

This year we are bringing a strawberry cheesecake trifle, peach cobbler, turkey, mashed potatoes and a tater tot casserole. This is a COVERED dish dinner so if you would like to be involved email, call or come by to let us know what dish you would like to bring.

(828) 505-4003.

Morgan’s Comics Pokemon Sanctuary

*Fun* *Inexpensive* *Educational* *Nearby*

2 years ago we converted our office into a happier place known as “The Pokemon Sanctuary” and is it organized primarily by Matt. He is our official (with the Pokemon company) Professor who has been leading games every Wednesday 5-9 and has developed quite a following of children and adults who love learning. We help with trades between players to ensure no one is getting a “bad deal” and teach a game that is excellent for reading skills, math skills, fair play skills and for making friends.

We built all of our furniture on wheels so we re-arrange it for whatever event we are hosting. The rest of Morgan’s Comics is open at the same time and it is an action packed time for anyone who wants to jump into a game, pick up their comics, do holiday shopping, etc.

Join in the fun!

Meet Morgan

Owner of the first female-owned comic book shop in Western North Carolina!

Owner, ambassador, and geeky kindred spirit, Morgan exudes kindness to all and strives to emulate her ultimate role model, Mr. Rogers, in her daily approach to life and those she interacts with. Under her guidance, Morgan’s Comics is a true “nerd sanctuary” where all feel welcome and heard.

I have always loved this place and our people, but I never imagined that it would one day have my name on it!

Thank you to everyone who helps our “Nerd Sanctuary” flourish. I connect our customers with the geeky wants that help make their days more exciting and joyful. I encourage a youthful enthusiasm for life by “nerding it out” with like-minded folks of all ages.

Meet Bridgette

The store and Morgan gave me a place where I fit right in, and I’ve never been happier.

Hi there! My name’s Bridgette, but you can call me Bird if you want to. (They/Them pronouns, please!) 

Ever since the Summer of 2019, I’ve been lending my hand to Morgan’s Comics in any way I can, whether it’s cleaning and testing games, helping with events, or being a friendly face in the store! I love helping out with the Nerd Sanctuary, and even more than that, I love the folks who come by. The store, the people, and the love of comics and all things nerdy and fun has kept me coming back to give my all, and always will (not to mention how quickly Morgan, Matt and their wonderful family became some of my favorite folks!) 

Helping folks find their perfect book, board game or new comic is one of my favorite things to do especially, because I love how excited people get when they find their new favorite storylines!

If you ever find yourself in Morgan’s and happen to see me, feel free to strike up conversation! My favorite thing in the world to do is talk about common interests, and share stories; I could talk all day about Spider-Man, Disney, and Pokemon! You’ll often find me at the desk or participating in some of our many awesome weekly events, like Pokemon TCG gaming or board game nights. Hope to see y’all there!!

Meet Matt

I had always been a low-key nerd for most of my life. Growing up I played with my Ninja Turtle and X-Men toys, and then later in life got into Harry Potter and Star Wars, but all of my nerdoms were always in the background. It wasn’t until fate allowed me (while doing my day job as a mail carrier) to start delivering to the “Nerd Sanctuary” that I found my community.

During that time, I looked forward to being able to check out the new goodies when I would stop by everyday. Morgan was always there with a kind smile and a water bottle for me.

A bit later I started going through some pretty hard times. This is when the “Nerd Sanctuary” really opened up its arms and invited me in. I met basically all of my friends here and quickly got involved in movie and board game nights.

Now, a few years later, Morgan’s Comics is basically my home.

I currently buy and price boardgames, shirts, hats, and action figures. I also run Board Game Night and am all ears for anyone with crazy toy collections or geeking out about Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Hellboy!

Mr. Rogers “I Love You” 1-4-3 Day

Mr. Rogers embodied compassion, love, teaching, acceptance, patience, tolerance, and so much more. His way of looking at the world and his kindness in interacting with others has always been a guiding force for Morgan. So when the 2020 global pandemic meant the cancelation of Free Comic Book Day, an annual celebration usually held the first Saturday in May, Morgan decided to honor her personal hero by celebrating 1-4-3 Day instead.

What is 1-4-3 Day and why is it special?

The number 143 was significant to Mr. Rogers. Not only was it his consistent weight for 30 years, it was his shorthand for “I love you.” He said, “It takes one letter to say I and four letters to say love and three letters to say you. One hundred and forty-three.” He incorporated these numbers into his show in a memorable episode where he explains the significance to “Speedy Delivery” Man Mr. McFeeley. Mr. Rogers’ legacy is carried on by the Fred Rogers Center, where The 143 Club provides financial support to the center, sustaining programs that are built upon Fred’s deep and simple approach to child development.

In 2019, in honor of Mr. Rogers, the governor of Pennsylvania (Rogers’ home state) proclaimed the 143rd day of the year to be 1-4-3 Day, Pennsylvania’s first statewide day of kindness.

The timing of 1-4-3 Day in 2020 was perfect. Retail establishments were allowed to reopen their doors, with restrictions, again on May 9, 2020 after having been closed to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 1-4-3 Day fell only two weeks later, on May 22 (due to leap year). It was the ideal day for Morgan to acknowledge the love she has for her fellow nerds and say thank you to the community for supporting her shop.

Following safe practices – limiting the number of visitors in the shop, maintaining social distance, and keeping masked – Morgan was able to say thank you and reconnect with regulars, spreading much needed love during challenging times.

Below are some photos of “Nerd Sanctuary” friends and neighbors that stopped by to show some love to this geeky paradise as well as respect to Morgan’s favorite role model, Mr. Rogers. Those attending were gifted balloon versions of Daniel Tiger made by staff member, Matt.

It truly was a magical day. To learn more about the wonderful Mr. Rogers, please visit ????