Meet Merlin

I’ve traveled both coasts of the United States in a 20+ year search for a comic and game store that is open-minded and full of character. That search finally landed me at Morgan’s Comics.

I personally wanted to find RPG players and DMs with as much openness and personality.

I do love Morgan’s Comics for these reasons – joy, friendship, and inspiration.

Meet Matt

I had always been a low-key nerd for most of my life. Growing up I played with my Ninja Turtle and X-Men toys, and then later in life got into Harry Potter and Star Wars, but all of my nerdoms were always in the background. It wasn’t until fate allowed me (while doing my day job as a mail carrier) to start delivering to the “Nerd Sanctuary” that I found my community.

During that time, I looked forward to being able to check out the new goodies when I would stop by everyday. Morgan was always there with a kind smile and a water bottle for me.

A bit later I started going through some pretty hard times. This is when the “Nerd Sanctuary” really opened up its arms and invited me in. I met basically all of my friends here and quickly got involved in movie and board game nights.

Now, a few years later, Morgan’s Comics is basically my home.

I currently buy and price boardgames, shirts, hats, and action figures. I also run Board Game Night and am all ears for anyone with crazy toy collections or geeking out about Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Hellboy!

Meet Bridgette

I came to the “Nerd Sanctuary” right around July or August of 2019 after I saw “Into The Spiderverse”, and I never left. The store, the people, and the love of comics and D&D kept me around, and always will (not to mention how quickly Morgan herself became one of my favorite people!). I started off by asking Morgan if I could help clean and test video games, then it moved to repairing what I could and learning how to fix what I didn’t know how to immediately, and I eventually began actually running the front a few days a week, taking inventory, and helping price Pokemon cards.

It’s funny, because in 2017 I actually came here for a coloring book night and never thought anything else of it. A photo was taken of us though, me and my friends, and right there in the background was Morgan. I don’t think either of us expected that now, in October of 2020, this store would’ve grown to mean so much to me.

My collection of nerdy objects has grown and continues to grow; all comics with Spider-Man that have begun since I started coming here, and many back issues as well, along with Pop figures, action figures, and vintage video games. Don’t get it wrong though; I love more than just our favorite web slinger. Feel free to chat me up about Supernatural, Avatar: The Last Airbender or Stranger Things any day! 

The store and Morgan gave me a place where I fit right in, and I’ve never been happier.

I’ll always be around to lend a hand in any way I can, whether it’s testing games, working on Pokemon cards, or finding new ways to help ourselves and our nerd family to access all things nerdy more easily!

Meet Morgan

Owner of the first female-owned comic book shop in Western North Carolina!

Owner, ambassador, and geeky kindred spirit, Morgan exudes kindness to all and strives to emulate her ultimate role model, Mr. Rogers, in her daily approach to life and those she interacts with. Under her guidance, Morgan’s Comics is a true “nerd sanctuary” where all feel welcome and heard.

I have always loved this place and our people, but I never imagined that it would one day have my name on it!

Thank you to everyone who helps our “Nerd Sanctuary” flourish. I connect our customers with the geeky wants that help make their days more exciting and joyful. I encourage a youthful enthusiasm for life by “nerding it out” with like-minded folks of all ages.