Meet Bridgette

The store and Morgan gave me a place where I fit right in, and I’ve never been happier.

Hi there! My name’s Bridgette, but you can call me Bird if you want to. (They/Them pronouns, please!) 

Ever since the Summer of 2019, I’ve been lending my hand to Morgan’s Comics in any way I can, whether it’s cleaning and testing games, helping with events, or being a friendly face in the store! I love helping out with the Nerd Sanctuary, and even more than that, I love the folks who come by. The store, the people, and the love of comics and all things nerdy and fun has kept me coming back to give my all, and always will (not to mention how quickly Morgan, Matt and their wonderful family became some of my favorite folks!) 

Helping folks find their perfect book, board game or new comic is one of my favorite things to do especially, because I love how excited people get when they find their new favorite storylines!

If you ever find yourself in Morgan’s and happen to see me, feel free to strike up conversation! My favorite thing in the world to do is talk about common interests, and share stories; I could talk all day about Spider-Man, Disney, and Pokemon! You’ll often find me at the desk or participating in some of our many awesome weekly events, like Pokemon TCG gaming or board game nights. Hope to see y’all there!!