This year will be the 6th anniversary of the Nerd Sanctuary’s Thanksgiving in the shop.

Since Asheville is supported by so many delightful folks in the service industry who frequently don’t have enough of a break between their shifts to leave town to see their families, many locals have family that is just too far away or some consider their friends their family…

We created a Nerd-tastic event where we can all bring a covered dish and be surrounded by great stories and art over dinner. We’ll usually play board games, Pokemon, create artwork, sing karaoke or do trivia together for an hour our meal.

This year we are bringing a strawberry cheesecake trifle, peach cobbler, turkey, mashed potatoes and a tater tot casserole. This is a COVERED dish dinner so if you would like to be involved email, call or come by to let us know what dish you would like to bring.

(828) 505-4003.

Morgan’s Comics Pokemon Sanctuary

*Fun* *Inexpensive* *Educational* *Nearby*

2 years ago we converted our office into a happier place known as “The Pokemon Sanctuary” and is it organized primarily by Matt. He is our official (with the Pokemon company) Professor who has been leading games every Wednesday 5-9 and has developed quite a following of children and adults who love learning. We help with trades between players to ensure no one is getting a “bad deal” and teach a game that is excellent for reading skills, math skills, fair play skills and for making friends.

We built all of our furniture on wheels so we re-arrange it for whatever event we are hosting. The rest of Morgan’s Comics is open at the same time and it is an action packed time for anyone who wants to jump into a game, pick up their comics, do holiday shopping, etc.

Join in the fun!