Meet Morgan

Owner of the first female-owned comic book shop in Western North Carolina!

Owner, ambassador, and geeky kindred spirit, Morgan exudes kindness to all and strives to emulate her ultimate role model, Mr. Rogers, in her daily approach to life and those she interacts with. Under her guidance, Morgan’s Comics is a true “nerd sanctuary” where all feel welcome and heard.

I have always loved this place and our people, but I never imagined that it would one day have my name on it!

Thank you to everyone who helps our “Nerd Sanctuary” flourish. I connect our customers with the geeky wants that help make their days more exciting and joyful. I encourage a youthful enthusiasm for life by “nerding it out” with like-minded folks of all ages.

Hero Delivery Service

Purchases delivered super hero style!

At the beginning of the pandemic, when Morgan’s Comics, along with all other retail shops, were closed to the public, delivery became an essential way to stay connected with customers.

The costumed delivery idea was in fact suggested by a customer and quickly embraced by Morgan and Matt, who wrote the delivery song and created the delivery dance.

It became a team effort with Morgan, Matt, customers Valerie and John Rich getting involved. Their efforts did not go unnoticed, as the story made national news! Read all about (and check out the pics) it at!

Although Morgan’s Comics physical shop is now open and online sales are going strong, Morgan still offers Super Hero Delivery on request within a 10 mile radius from the shop. A $25 minimum order is required. Give the shop a call to schedule,  (828) 505-4003.

Be a Masked Hero

When Shopping with Us in Person…

Please note our store policies during the current pandemic:

  • Only eight customers can be in the store at one time
  • We ask all customers to maintain a 6′ distance from others at all times
  • Face coverings are required for all customers at all times

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!