Online sign up and ordering for Morgan’s Comics Subscription Service will be available soon!

Fellow nerds who maintain ongoing comic subscriptions will be eligible for discounts throughout the shop. Your discount depends on your membership tier, i.e. the number of comics you have signed up to receive.

Membership Tiers:

Bronze Subscription Membership: 3-5 comics= 5% off

Silver Subscription Membership: 6-10 comics= 10% off

Gold Subscription Membership: 11-20 comics= 15% off

Adamantium Subscription Membership: 21+ comics= 20% off

These discounts will apply to ANY purchase you make in the store (or online), as long as you are a subscriber. Plus, members get access to exclusive discounts and content! It’s like bonuses upon bonuses!

Interested in Subscription Membership?

We can alert you when the online sign up and ordering for Subscription Memberships is available. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll email you when the online signup goes live! Want to get started NOW? Stop in to the shop and we’ll get you signed up the old fashioned way.