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What a perfect time to join us! We’ve been tweaking our monthly comic subscription service a bit and wanted to share the new terms.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 3-5 comics= 5% off
  • 6-10 comics= 10% off
  • 11-20 comics= 15% off
  • 21+ comics= 20% off

Now here’s the best part (well we think so anyway): these discounts will apply to ANY purchase you make in the store, as long as you are a subscriber.

Our online store is coming soon, but for now to set up a box all you have to do is–


Fill out the form below, email us at, give us a call (828) 505-4003, or stop by to give us your first and last name, your phone number, your email address and your list of titles that you would like us to hold.

As long as you maintain a three title minimum you are welcome to add or drop titles as you please. You are not ‘locked in’ to something you no longer want. Just please let us know!


We ask that you, please, pick up all of your books at least once a month. Any titles older than thirty days may be pulled out of your box and sold– but we will give you a call and/or email well ahead of time! Neglected subscription boxes are subject to being canceled or placed on hold, but again, we will call you ahead of time to attempt to make arrangements.

You can cancel your subscription anytime you would like (though we ask that you have us put your subscription on hold and pick up the titles in your folder–if possible).

If you will be out of town or unable to come in once a month for any reason, please let us know!! Just call us or email us and we will try to accommodate you.


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